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  • WPA-D series ultra water purification system
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  • WPA-D series ultra water purification system
    WPA-D series ultra water purification system Manufacture:Beijing KWF sci-tech Development Co., Ltd
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    Eliminating endotoxin

    Low TOC





    WPA-D-15L UF

    WPA-D-15L  UV

    WPA-D-15L  UVF



    WPA-D-30L UF

    WPA-D-30L  UV

    WPA-D-30L  UVF

    Flow procedure

    AC +DI +DMF





    Microanalysis Environmental analysis


    Buffer disposing

    Pharmacy research

    Medicine examining,

    Molecular biology

    PCRgene research

    Pharmacy research

    Medicine examining,

    Cell cultivating

    IVF etc.

    Micro organic analysis

    Environmental analysis



    Pharmacy research

    Medicine examining,

    Molecular biology

    Micro organic analysis


    Pharmacy research

    Medicine examining

    Cell cultivating

    IVF etc.

    Inlet water

    Ro water, distilled water, deionization water

     Filtration System

    LV. 1


    Double wavelength UV cartridge

    LV. 2

    Intensive carbon filter

    LV. 3

    Ultra pure cartridge with 4×nuclear mixed bed A

    LV. 4


    5000 Doulton UF eliminating endotoxin cartridge


    5000 Doulton UF eliminating endotoxin cartridge

    LV. 5

    Sartorius 0.22μm terminal filer with pretreatment

    Water Quality

    Resistivity  MΩ-cm

    18.2 @25

    TOC  ppb



    Endotoxin  Eu/ml





    Virus  cfu/ml


    Water outlet

    2: RO water Ultra pure water

    The structure and performance

    Healthy level plastic material body,inner structure makes display system,control system,water system and other to divide into four space,  proper redistribution and using safely. All Consumable can be easy to be replaced quickly and accurately by users .The function of producing water,storing water and stop water are all realized automation

    Control and display system

    Automatic electronic pressure sensor controlling, recirculation function; LCD with back light


    1.5 L/min (with pressure tank) (Less output with UF/UV cartridge)

    External dimension / Weight

    H×W×D: 42×41×22 cm/ 12-14 kg

    Standard configuration

    Main body+ purifing

    Cartridge+Terminal  filter

    Main body+purifing

    Cartridge+UF cartridge

    +Terminal filter

    Main body+purifing

    Cartridge+UV cartridge

    +Terminal filter

    Main body+purifing


    Cartridge+Terminal filter

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