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  • CO2 incubator——Intelligentized microprocessor control
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  • CO2 incubator——Intelligentized microprocessor control Manufacture:Beijing KWF sci-tech Development Co., Ltd
    Freeze dryer hot line :010-6290 8256/6299 3090/6290 8259
  • Features

    1.   It is made of specular stainless steel(or wire-drawing sheet)by argon-arc-welding technics, and semicircular arcs at corners ensures easy cleaning.

    2.  Microprocessor temperature controller makes temperature stability.

    3.   Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensures experiments run safely and no accident would happen.

    4.  Door temperature controller prevents dewfall on glass door of incubator effectively.

    5.  Microorganism filter at inlet provides 100% filtrated gases.

    6.      Main parts are all imported ,equipped with CO2 pressure-releasing valve
    (special for CO2 incubator) 
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