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  • RE-52(0.25-3L) Series
  • Name:RE-52(0.25-3L) Series
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  • Rotary evaporator adopt the flask enlarge evaporation area under reduced pressure, to make the solution in bottle diffuse and evaporate, while the flask is rotating as it is heating in water bath. It is basic necessary and perfect equipment for the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, institutions of higher learning and scientific research laboratories used in the manufacture and analysis of experiments which concentrated, drying, recycling
    RE-52(0.25-3L) Series Manufacture:Beijing KWF sci-tech Development Co., Ltd
    Freeze dryer hot line :010-6290 8256/6299 3090/6290 8259
  • Technical data


    RE-52RE-52A RE-52AA ,



    RE-52C, RE-52CS RE52CS-1 RE52CS-2








    Speed range

    Host: RE-52 no speed regulation function, RE-52A,RE-52AA:

    Electronic stepless speed regulation, 0-150rpm

    Host:RE-5299.RE-5285A,5286A stepless speed regulation (RE-52B rotary speed display), 0-150rpm


    Host:RE52CS-1 RE52CS-2

    0-120 rpm, Electronic stepless speed regulation. RE-52CS:0-150rpm, Electronic stepless speed regulation,  RE-52C:no speed regulation

    Host: 0-100 rpm, Electronic stepless speed regulation(RE-5298A:rotary speed display), handwheel fine-tuning

    Heating bath

    Stainless steel Teflon complex pan

    Stainless steel Teflon complex pan (RE-5285A:no water bath)

    26*15CM stainless steel

    stainless steel water bath, with water tap for water inflow and outlet

    Temp. range

    RT-99, automatic temperature control, digital display

    RE-52B:Touch smart digital display, RE-5299,RE-5286A:RT-99, flush type sensor, automatic temperature control, digital display

    RE52CS-1,RE52CS-2:RT-99, automatic temperature control, digital display, RE-52CS:indicator control, RE-52C:no water bath

    RT-99,flush type sensor, automatic temperature control, digital display

    Total power


    1000W -220V/50HZ

    RE52CS-1 RE52CS-2:1.5KW




    Vertical, Interlayer has ice container, attached to the valve-type feed tube for continuous feed

    RE-52B:vertical, with charge pipe, big condenser, big evaporation tube, evaporation rate is greater than similar instruments. RE-5299,RE-5286A:vertical, Evaporated liquor enter large diameter condenser through big aperture evaporating pipe, to can speed up the rate of evaporation



    RE-52CS ,RE-52Cvertical

    RE-5298: with Valve charge pipe, Double reflows standard condenser. RE-5298A: big aperture evaporating pipe, Double reflow standard condenser, attach with Valve charge pipe, Boxlock Tetrafluoroethylene tube to speed up the rate of evaporation

    Lift type

    RE-52:Manual lift

    RE-52A:Manual lift

    RE-52AA:automatically lift


    Micro-motor drive, automatically lift (RE-5285A Manual lift 0-100mm)

    RE52CS-1,RE52CS-2:Lever typelift0-150mm,RE-52CS ,RE-52CManual lift

    automatically lift 0-150mm

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